Kazoo: public relations services in Tulsa

The Kazoo team believes that public relations and marketing services should be available to all business, no matter how big or small. Typically, the small organizations have the best stories to tell. Packages can start as low as $500 per month.

Customized Goodie Bags*

Select from any of our services to build a monthly package suited to your businesses needs and goals; and add or delete items at any point in the process.


  • Special event planning, management and promotion – We love parties. Let us help you put on the best one yet.  Kazoo can assist with creative strategy, management, logistics and fundraising efforts.
  • Media relations – Finding and sharing your compelling story with media organizations is our passion.
  • Media buy – The world of advertising is constantly changing to keep up with new technology. We can help you navigate the options to determine a targeted, effective advertising buy.
  • Website creation and maintenance – A website lends credibility to your business, but outdated sites frustrate customers and can hurt these important relationships.
  • Copywriting/editing – Writing is a skill to be honed and valued. Clear, concise and error-free messages help convey understanding and compelling copy can motivate people to act.
  • Marketing collateral creation – Translating your business’s unique brand and message to paper can be daunting, but when done right, it can also be extremely effective.
  • Communications audit – Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at the whole picture and determine areas for improvement.
  • Social media coordination and management – Two-way communication is essential to good business, but there are numerous social media engagement options and certain platforms are better suited to your business model than others.
  • Market research and audience analysis – Determining who and where your target audience is, is the first step to reaching them.
  • Comprehensive campaigns – From idea generation to implementation, we can help you carry out a public relations or marketing campaign to fulfill any goal.
  • Customer communications management – Managing a consistent communication outreach to customers or clients helps keep your brand in front of them.
  • Crisis communications – No one likes to think about bad things happening, but preparation is key to managing a crisis.

Pre-packaged goodie bags*

If you’re unsure of what public relations or marketing services may best benefit your business, you may consider one of our pre-packaged goodie bags assembled according to services we feel most benefit businesses at different stages of growth.

Starter Bag:

For businesses just getting started who need to get their business off the ground and the word out, we suggest:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Website creation
  • Social media coordination
  • Media relations

Starter Bag with a Bang:

If you’re looking to enter the market with a bang, we suggest adding the following services to the Starter Bag:

  • Media buy
  • Marketing collateral creation
  • Special event planning and promotion

Booster Bag:

For businesses that have been maintaining current customer levels and steady sales, but would like to see a boost of renewed interest in their products or services, we suggest:

  • Communications audit
  • Audience analysis
  • Comprehensive campaign

S.O.S. Bag:

For businesses experiencing growth and expansion who need someone else to focus on the public relations, communications and marketing while they focus on running the business, we suggest:

  • Customer communications management
  • Social media maintenance
  • Website maintenance
  • Media relations
  • Media buy

*A small industry research and services implementation fee accompanies the initiation of small business packages.